Validating xml writer

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Validating xml writer

the Count method of this server from the REST interface you can browse to: As you can see, parameters and values are passed in the URL, order is not important and multiple id/value pairs can be specified for input parameters that allow more than one value.

The steps to create a server are: Create a new server object that derives from .

xml::document doc; doc.set_validating(true); // validation is off by default ifstream file("/...", ios::binary); // avoid CRLF translation file More often you're interested in a specific element among many others.

Now you can recursively iterate the tree until you've found what you're looking for, but it is way easier to use xpaths in that case. The method name() returns the qname() with its prefix stripped off.

Error reporting is done in this case, although I admit that error reporting should be improved.

The SOAP server part of libzeep makes it very easy to create a SOAP server software in C .

The constructor of this object should call the inherited constructor passing it the namespace and the service name for this new SOAP server as well as the internet address and port to listen to.

Inside the constructor of your new server object you have to register the methods of the server you want to export.

And since working with SOAP means working with XML and no decent C XML library existed on my radar I've created a full XML library as well.

libzeep requires the Boost libraries and currently requires at least version 1.36 of Boost since it uses the new asio library for network I/O.

The current version of libzeep has been tested with boost 1.65 and newer only.

These methods can take any number of input arguments and only one output parameter which is the last parameter of the method. Please note that if the method's last (output) parameter is a struct, then the fields of this struct will be moved up in the Response message of the action in the WSDL.

To the outside world this method will look like it has multiple output parameters.

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Unfortunately (well, considering the work I did), REST proved to be more popular than SOAP, and so I added a better JSON implementation to version 4 of libzeep as well as a way to create REST servers more easily.

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