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Victor webster alyssa milano dating

Dumain suggests that she project herself back into the past to save Christy.

Piper and Leo arrive at her father Victor's (James Read) apartment and Piper breaks the news of Phoebe and Paige's deaths.

She realizes that Christy has become a killer, and returns to the manor to side with The Charmed Ones and ask for their forgiveness.

Meanwhile, future Chris and Wyatt explain that Wyatt lost his powers in the middle of a demon fight, and Billie reveals that Dumain convinced her and Christy to steal baby Wyatt's powers to summon The Hollow to kill The Charmed Ones.

"Forever Charmed" involves time travel, nostalgic family visitations and a reprise of various important historical background situations, as well as a glimpse of the future to other progeny of The Charmed Ones.

When Dumain mentions she has to focus on the time of the existence of The Triad, she suspects something is up and finally realizes she has been manipulated.

Dumain tells her to go back in time and ask Christy, so she will understand.

Present Billie and Piper then merge into their past selves, and Billie and Christy teleport out of the manor because they no longer have the magic boosting aid of The Hollow.

The Angel of Destiny (Denise Dowse) arrives to take Leo back again because the battle did not occur.

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A horrified Victor tells them that a cupid named Coop (Victor Webster) came to his apartment looking for Phoebe.

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