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This is the best safari experience you’ll find on the market: we guarantee fewer people, pristine environments, loads of beautiful animals, fantastic accommodation, and of course, incredibly yummy food.With the best team, premium vehicles, and luxury accommodation, this is the best safari adventure we could possibly offer. Before August 15, 2020: 99 AUD per person After August 15, 2020: 99 AUD per person Deposit: 50% of trip price (00 or 00 AUD) Single supplement: 0 AUD — only 2 available Note: Don’t have someone to join you, and don’t want to pay the single supplement?Tanzania supports one very localised endemic species in the form of the Sanje crested mangabey, which was unknown to science until 1979.Unique to the Udzungwa Mountains, it is thought to number around 2,000 in the wild.Even so, it is possible to see half-a-dozen primate species on a standard northern circuit safari, and enthusiasts might also want to travel to the Lake Tanganyika region, where Gombe Stream and The thumbless forest-dwelling colobus monkeys have a rather streamlined appearance, created by their small heads, very long tails and spidery limbs.Strongly arboreal, they seldom venture to the ground and subsist almost entirely on leafy leguminous matter, processed by a ruminant-like digestive system.most diverse of the check-pouch monkeys, a family that also includes baboons and mangabeys (but not colobuses).

If it weren’t for the nearby Serengeti, Tarangire would be world famous in its own right.The result is a paradise for all kinds of wonderful beasts, so many of them familiar to us today.After receiving clearance, we’ll have our first Serengeti game drive.that is, the kind of trip you could never organise unless you had your own group of friends spread around Morocco Welcome to Tanzania!Today, we’ll meet at the restaurant in our local accommodation.

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The name itself comes from the sound of a cow bell — just say “ngoro ngoro” three times fast and you’ll see.