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Werkheiser and lindsay shaw dating

The first season of “Devon’s Life Survival Guide,” featuring 20 episodes, is currently up and features Werkheiser talking about all of the different issues people deal with as they go through life.

His Nickelodeon series, which also starred Lindsey Shaw and Daniel Curtis Lee, ended 10 years ago and he’s had quite a few other shows and films since then, but with multiple movies - an R-rated comedy, a crime-drama and now a family Christmas film - on the horizon, it looks like he’s really starting to kick things up a notch.“Santa Girl, ” which was written by Patricia Harrington, is a co-production between Capital Arts Entertainment and Shenandoah University, with over 50 of the university’s students involved in the production.

Back in the day, Ned Bigby was the coolest middle schooler to walk the planet.

With his notebook of tips and tricks necessary to make it through the three (occasionally torturous) years of middle school, who wouldn't want Ned to sit at their lunch table? ) and the guy who played Ned is no longer a pre-teen.

Also on his You Tube account is a video series based off of the idea of his Nickelodeon show.

of May 1989, in Lincoln, Nebraska USA, this 29-year-old Caucasian female is an actress, perhaps best known for portraying Jennifer ‘Moze’ Mosely in the famous Nickelodeon teen comedy entitled “Ned’s Declassified School Survival Guide”, which was also the first role she had in her career.

She has had a number of other less significant roles through various films and TV shows, having been in the sometimes lucrative acting business since 2004.

First of all, she had a brief relationship with the aforementioned Devon Werkheiser at some point after they began shooting the show together in 2014, and they remain friends.

Secondly as she was shooting the 21 episodes she got to be part of in “10 Things I Hate About You” (from 2009 to 2010), she dated two guys from the show, namely Devon Graye and Ethan Peck.

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She went on to land support roles in numerous not-so-popular titles, until she was cast as Paige Mc Cullers in “Pretty Little Liars”, which is a quite famous and well-watched show, airing from 2011 to 2017, during which time she was present in as many as 45 episodes.