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Who is brian austin green dating

It was pre- all that." Early on into their relationship, Brian said there was "so much anonymity going around." Megan lived in New York City, so he would visit "on weekends." He described that time of their courtship as "really easy and fun." That was 2004.Two years later, in 2006, Green and Fox got engaged."I thought you were gonna ask me if that was true or not," said Green during an interview with AOL Build on Tuesday.When the reporter noted Tori said she "had a crush on you back on the day, but nothing really ever happened," Green added, "Good for her, she answered perfectly." Though in 2015, Spelling herself claimed -- while taking a lie detector test -- that the two had sex back in the day, Green wouldn't even cop to reciprocating Tori's crush when asked if he ever had one on her too. Tori's awesome, we had a lot of fun but I'm one of those serial monogamous daters," he explained.RELATED: Ian Ziering Makes Brian Austin Green Blush By Bringing Up His Old Rap Fans wondered whether there were any real-life feelings between some of the on-screen couples.However, Green insisted “No, no” when asked if he ever had the hots for Spelling.

In the first episode, she said she lost her virginity to BAG, IRL.Though the new version of the show leans into the actors' real lives, Green admitted he wasn't necessarily happy when the OG series did that back in the day.When asked about David Silver's musical aspirations by a fan, the actor admitted he "did not enjoy the musical scenes" of the original, because they were inspired by his experiences outside of the show." Green also said the actors sat down with the writers to figure out how to create these "heightened" versions of them."Some of the stories came from our real lives," he said, adding that he knew what he was signing up for as far as the references are concerned.

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"I love music myself and the head writer on the show saw me dancing at one of the wrap parties and wrote it in and all of a sudden music became the character," he revealed.