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▻Twitch: ▻Twitter: Craig P arker // The In terview Rebels Spartacus IV. ( part 2 ) Music: Matt White - Love For: facebook.com/Craig. excerpts from: Screentalk Interview With Craig Parker ' Haldir' This is the fourth celebrities panel from the Tolkien track at Dragoncon 2014.It stars Jed Brophy, Craig Parker, Adam Brown, and Manu Bennett.On her way to finding her bliss in the tiny town of Bassett she has an inauspicious beginning: a minor collision with the town's iconic pig. Produced by John Laing for South Pacific Pictures, and starring a host of NZ acting talent (Tim Balme, Jeffrey Thomas, Renato Bartolomei, et al), Mercy Peak follows the highs and lows of Dr Nicky Somerville (Sara Wiseman), who leaves the big city after discovering her partner’s infidelity.Taking up her new role at the hospital in the tiny town of Bassett, Nicky soon learns that life is full of complexities no matter the population.He really is the only reason I kept watching this show, the perfect bad guy at the same time as Gaius Glaber - "A monste r, given breath by ne cessity" Intrepid Journe Craig Parker in Nepal, 5/6 Con: LLTQ (Long Live The Queen Star: Craig Parker TV S: REIGN Slideshow: Holi Day Credits: Empire Convention, photos from fa Long Live The Queen ( Craig Parker) Interview with actor Craig Parker for the fantastic website NZ on Screen - showcasing New Zealand's incredible film and TV industry. alk - Craig P arker Craig Parker answering my question at the Liverpool MCM Comic Con.: Like, Comment, Share and Enjoy the vide BIOGRA PHY OF CR AIG PARKER Subscribe for more: About E! is your go-to source for entertainment news, celebrities, celeb news, and celebrity E!

Look at the hair Craig Pa rker in Gloss Interview with Craig Parker (Glaber) at the Spartacus Red Carp Spartacus Red Carp et: Crai g Parker (Glaber) Share with a friend who needs some Halderp in their life. He talks Xena / Hercules and about being in the Lord of the rings production as Haldir.Facebook Twitter Craig Parker Interv iew (Spartacus) Intrepid Journe Craig Parker in Nepal, 4/6 While at Salt Lake Comic Con the DCR team had the opportunity to speak with actor Craig Parker.Craig Parker is best known for his roles as Haldir in The SALT LAKE COMIC CON 2014 CRAIG PARKER INTE RVIEW THIS IS MY FIRST ATTEMP ON MAKING A VIDEO YOUR COMMENTS ARE WELCO TRIBUTE T O CRAIG PARKER Auckland Daze (TV Series) Episode 1.2 (2012) Craig Parker - Cra Auckland D aze 1.2 (Craig Parker) Craig Parker talks about learning sword fighting with sword master Bob Anderson.Along the way Parker experiences a limb-stretching Nepalese barber, witnesses the funeral pyres at a Hindu temple, and tramps along the Helambu trek, which takes him to the same altitude as Aoraki-Mount Cook.installment sees hobbit Frodo Baggins continuing his mission to destroy the ring.

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Alongside praise for the film's pace and spectacle, hit just the right note with its down-home sincerity and quirky-but-complex characters.