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it was really beautiful to just be in that moment…I found myself really happy with being w ME…I got ready cuz I was asked to shoot a show w my bestie BRANDI GLANVILLE again… one of the gifts thru the last few months has been spending quality time w my friends…I found myself a bit blocked w the kind of look I was going to go w so AMY came to the rescue and her being such an amazing creator and stylist, mama got to whipping my look into shape… BRANDI and I hung out for a bit and talked then off we went to her party, thats all I’m really allowed to say about this job…I’ve been working out and have been consistant with it and eating the best that I can. I start laughing out loud and snot comes out…not my finest moment…seriously my cool factor is so NON EXISTENT…least I haven’t taken a tumble this week or ran into anything…far….. I cant believe the end of the year is just a blink of an eye away…because all this has happened this year I KNOW 2012 is gonna ROCK…BRING IT!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m honestly grateful my “luffz” aka AUNG has been helping me immensely-girl thank u …. he has been a blessing and bundle of big doggie love for me… but mama Gimenez is taking care of him or better yet he is ruling her…Tags: 2011, BLOGs, BRANDI GLANVILLE, Celebrites, celebrity rehab, CHASITY BITES MOVIE, FRIENDS, HWOBH, In The News, jennifer gimenez, Journal, Klean Center, Lo Ve, RELATIONSHIPS, VH1 Sober House, WEIGHT LOSS I was sitting earlier thinking wow I’ve been on the go for a while like 4 months…. Mickers is such a sweet soul…) I then took care of more emails, fb and twitter stuff returned personal calls and off Iwent to the gym…Last nite I went to “THE PERFECT AGE OF ROCK& ROLL” MOVIE PREMIERE… I’m so happy to be back in the ACTING world…I love ACTING and all that it entails…so being there was a blast…after the MOVIE PREMIERE I went out to meet my friend for dinner and seriously he helped me soooo much…we talked for hrs…

I was talking with a dear friend of mine a few weeks back and I had the “whoa is me” french cries saying how poor me doesn’t sleep & blah blah waaa waaa going on and he said “JENN ur living the dream baby girl, u get to do what ur passionate about ” which is “helping others and acting and being in front of the camera, ur a do’er and an achiever, u don’t just dream it-U LIVE IT”-and right at that moment he put it all in perspective for me…to u Darin I am grateful to have been called out like that….sometimes I just need to be reminded… This “dating JENNY and GOD phase” has been healing for me.i just got asked to shoot a show w my girl BRANDI on Sat that she is doing…ive done it once before and its wild….i have to wear white for this “WHITE PARTY” so im going to a fashion PR company REDLIGHT PR tomorrow to pull clothes from… i just spent the evening w my little brother DWIGHT…I stayed the last few nites w my POCKETSIZE, AMY(who by the way let me know shes 5’4 ,she’s so tiny to me cuz of her little frame that I’ll still call it 5’1 grrrrrr)… I have to say womens meetings rock…as scared as I used to be around women, they save my life…I have these gorgeous goddess’s in my life who I am connected to and I just love love love u…my girl AUNG who has entered my life over a year ago and I am grateful for her…she’s loving ,kind, sensitive ,caring, generous and has my back, as I have hers….she’s very special to me, my sweet LUFFZ…it’s super cute how much she cares that we have some discussions (is a nice way of putting it) about how much she worries about me…I do appreciate it…grrrrrrr I love her … then I have my godma of a mentor PATTY BARET, we call each other bubbs… I can be childlike around her and be completely open and vulnerable around her… she never went back on her word and has my back as well…a gift…she is one of my towers that I lean on for guidance and direction… after my meeting I went back to AMY’s and I had an hr to just relax so I went to her back yard wrote ,read and just took some sun for 40 mins… I was going to a “White Party” but I felt the need to find ala circa of some sort and we (she) did!

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right now I’m eating tiny portions and drinking so much water… I did stairmaster for 25 minutes then back exercise, side stomach, more lower back and then did about 70 sit ups… then I had 2 interviews which they call “phoners” for CELEBRITY REHAB and I had to run around doing errands like bank, Riteaide, Target(my favorite), car wash , got my hair did roots and ends as well…Mason, Brandi’s little boy said to me the other day that I had white dots(grays,ughhh,yup) and red/orange ends … I didn’t want to explain to Mason that I have grays….

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