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But in an extract from her new book Happily Imperfect - which is being serialised in The Sun - Stacey admitted she was so nervous ahead of their first date she got too drunk.She wrote: "Apparently Joe and I first met when I was crowned Queen of the Jungle on I’m A Celebrity (in December 2010) but I don’t remember, it was all such a whirlwind."I got her three pairs of trainers, some perfume and a nice ring," he said.When Keith presumed the 'nice ring' was an engagement ring, Joe was quick to correct him, saying: "No, not a wedding ring, just a normal ring.

We meet many people in our daily life in different places. The answer is No because among them only some of the can make the space in our memories. And in general, we’d like to call the couple King and Queen of the jungle. Recently, Stacey displayed an eye-grabbing diamond ring in a video.

, Joe Swash got down on one knee and popped the question to his girlfriend of one year Stacey Solomon.

Except it wasn't legit and instead was just to secure a point for his team.

So I get to his house with a bottle of wine in my hand.

"I thought, ‘Please just get drunk with me and we can forget this awkward moment ever happened’. So I was just sitting there drinking this wine, trying to get through the evening.

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She continued: "He pursued me, though, and his persistence in taking me out was attractive.

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  1. Never talk to a woman about age, make up something." She added: "You will be slapping yourself when you know who I am." When host Anna Richardson asked for Lauren to explain her claim to fame to Rigby, it almost seemed as if she struggled to gather an actual answer. "I am a singer, I go on stage a lot, and obviously I am well known for being who I am." Bruce Hills is a transgender dental hygienist and had started dating Lauren since February 2018.