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She has a jaw dropping net worth of million dollars.When she was young she used to look very good and she had great legs.And Marshall dedicated her 2012 book to her funny friend; she included her words of thanks to Fisher just after those to her family:“I want to thank Carrie Fisher, my friend and partner in crime for more than 30 years,” she wrote.“We’ve lasted longer than all of our marriages combined. Marshall, now 73, and Fisher, who died last Tuesday at 60, became so close that in 1981, they began a tradition of hosting elaborate joint birthday parties in their shared birthday month of October—soirees so popular that, one year, David Bowie and Iman were inspired to crash.’s Oscar parties.Guests were invited via discreet phone call; lucky attendees included longtime friends Robin Williams, Jack Nicholson, and Anjelica Huston, and later on, newer A-Listers such as Nicole Kidman and Ben Affleck made the list.“The food was a big draw,” Marshall wrote of the parties, which she said ended, due to expenses and an overwhelming crowd, after about 20 years.She does not have many children as she has only one daughter Tracy Reiner but five grandchildren from Tracy.

She has also had success as a director (Big, Awakenings) and producer (Cinderella Man, the big-screen Bewitched).Sadly their relationship ended in a divorce in the year 1981.Same thing happened with her relationship with Michael Henry.She is not very tall as she has an average height of 5 feet 6 inches, which is around 1.68 meters.It is all her perfection in TV shows and movies that has made her the legendary actress she is today.

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Her mother frequently criticized Pennys appearance, which has been called simultaneously cute and plain.