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I personally think he's really stilted on TV, just very unnatural in front of a camera, a real dork, but he did not come off that way in person at all in the 10 minutes or so that I saw him.If anything, he was very businesslike and seemed very focused on being nice to fans but getting on his way to wherever else he was going. I'd say at that time he was better looking in person than on TV, a pleasant looking, all American middle-aged guy type.From a Salon interview: "If we had a terrorist event six months ago, we would have Mc Cain for president today. You ninnies are confusing Lutheran voice with gayvoice again.Because fear would have driven us to the hard-liner on the right. Lutheran voice: careful enunciation, ingrained control of volume for headvoice speaking vs.Food and lodging is done on a budget while the crew sees the same sites as those paying for an expensive tour.I like Rick Steves, but why does PBS keep airing episodes that are a decade (or more) old? Only think I don't like about his show is how he spends so much time in museums and churches rather than out and about in the city.For all the "trying to be like a local", he sticks out like a sore thumb. At least his show is not one big ad for fancy resorts, like Charlie David's Bump! He dresses like that because they travel very light and he's away for months film in every year. I thought that was a very stupid comment about his clothes. It is travel on a budget--that is his whole schtick. he stays at are not only plain but also pricey..always on a budget.What does somebody keep claiming he's a Jesus freak? I also question the cleanliness of some of his eateries. Not American and I actually think it shows Americans in a positive light.

He didn't strike me as either badly dressed (he looked like any tourist in Florence), he didn't ping (I am a straight female FWIW but think I have decent gaydar), and he wasn't the fatuous idiot he seems to me on television."It's jawdropping to me he's a divorced heterosexual.r4, Visiting churches does not make one a fundie, im gonna need better verification of his jesus freakiness. The only problem I have with his TV show is that it caters to poor people.I imagine there are many european churches that are very beautiful. He never stays at nice hotels or eats at nice restaurants.BTW he's visited mosques too, does that make him an al queda member? It's always about traveling on a shoestring in NYC we've had the same old shows rerunning since they were filmed in the 90s.I saw the fundraising campaign with him on PBS this weekend but what they were showing looked old. I suspect he's got some kink hiding - like Jeff smith the frugal gourmet...r4, Rick Steves is a Liberal, you ninny. Also, most of the art and architecture in Europe was created FOR churches - WTF, of course they are going to be a big part of any tour.

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And thank goodness we didn’t have fear raging in our society during the election, so we could elect somebody who wants to talk with the rest of the world."And he wants to de-criminalize marijuana. diaphragmatic singing, condescending tone because the speaker knows he's going to a nicer part of heaven than you.

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