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Who is rodrigo santoro dating

Then they put it together that I was in “300,” although no one recognizes me from “300” on its own. Rodrigo: Here’s what really happened with “Lost.” They hired me and Kiele Sanchez to have new people on the show.

But I had a deal where I could only stay six months and at the beginning of the season they didn’t know when they would develop Nikki & Paolo’s story.

The music is amazing, you can’t help but move your body, so it’s really entertaining on a few levels. We created the character through eight different recording sessions where you go in and improvise while they’re recording you with a webcam. The next session, Tulio was partly alive and he was moving like I was moving, so it was weird.

PW: You’d done dubbed animated movies in Spanish before, but this was the first time you’d been the basis for a cartoon — what was that like? Then the animators watch that and draw the character and the scenes, inspired by what he sees. That felt really exciting, it’s so creative – but you’re working with a big team you never see.

As with everything in “Lost,” they had to take their time.

They started the season but had to explain The Others and develop the love triangle and they did that for like four months.

I saw the film for the first time a few weeks ago and it really surprised me. I walked out of the theater with a really good feeling. We were so free to try anything we wanted, I began to talk like a bird one day and moved around.In 2001, Santoro earned his major first role in a cinema production Bicho de Sete Cabecas and by the end of the film he received a standing ovation from the audience.Following that, Rodrigo’s reputation as an actor had been solidified and he was cast as the male lead in Abril Despedacado.The animator came up to me at the premiere and said, “Rodrigo, it’s been three years that I’ve been living with your voice, now I’m finally meeting you.” It was a really beautiful moment when we met.PW: What do you think of Tulio, your cartoon creation? He’s more like the nerdy guy, but there’s something we share, which is passion.

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Chances are the first time you saw Rodrigo Santoro in a movie is an easily recallable memory.