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The things I have power over are what I’m going to work on, like eating right.” You can thank any number of factors for this new outlook, starting with Anderson Cooper -- the poster boy for silver foxes, who was 33 when he first came to national prominence as the host of reality show -- have picked up where Cooper started.

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And it was all the more enchanting considering this was in Chelsea in New York City, where the average gay guy still sports cargo pants and a fake tan.

While men used to cover their gray with Grecian Formula, now an increasing number of them are proudly accepting their changing hair color -- regardless of their age.

It is the home of my handmade retro Barbie clothes and lots of delicious recipes from my cookbooks.

I have to wait until I have seven cookbooks and a TV show before I get to have a little eye-candy in my kitchen?

The 48-year-old actor narrates a new short film that is an ad for ‘s new S90 luxury sedan.

So, the chances of seeing me on camera are limited to local interviews.He also starred as August Pullman, a child with Treacher Collins syndrome, in Wonder, based on R. You will need Flash Player 8 and allow javascript to view the content of this site.There’s something feminine about it.” Even the notion of a fox, which is a slight but cunning animal, plays into that effect.“I’m as vain as the next one -- I spend two hours at the gym every day,” he says.There are two choices: Look like an idiot or embrace it.

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  1. Russia is portrayed to the West as a cold, hard place with some magical architecture, myriad vodka shots, and a leader who dances with bears and who, for some unfathomable reason, never wears a shirt. Whilst it is cold, vodka certainly exists, and calendars featuring a shirtless Putin and puppies are not in short supply, there are a thousand misconceptions about Russian culture and people.