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We need diversity and mental stimulation to stay engaged with a date/in a relationship, and that’s not always something every guy can provide.Moreover, a lot of guys want a girlfriend who doesn’t require lots of work on an emotional level. We can take care of ourselves and we make it known.We don’t come across as fragile or vulnerable, even though deep down we might be on some levels.Our family and friends usually rely on us for our strength and independence and that’s what we’re used to.Some guys are intimidated by this because it shows a free-spirited nature that can’t be easily subdued.We can appear cold and distant because we’re not really into small talk.

Over the last year, much of my free time has been spent writing my dissertation, defending my dissertation, and celebrating being done with my doctorate.We’re ridiculously funny with great senses of humor.Being with a really funny woman can be intimidating for a guy.We can crack him up, but we also need more than fart jokes or cheap gags to make us laugh.Some guys don’t like that because it makes them feel like they’re not in control. We can go from sweet and sexy to kickass combat mode in a heartbeat, and when this happens, some guys don’t know what hit them.

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As intelligent women, most of us have experienced some or all of these dating situations, most likely more than once: We make guys feel like we can see right through them. We’re not easily impressed when a guy shows off or tries to overplay his life achievements.

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