Yahoo finance not updating real time

Posted by / 19-Nov-2020 02:40

People buying and selling stocks want a consensus input. It's a hassle, as I have been here a long time, but reading this garbage in place of a simi balance look a the world of business wastes my time.I have seen a good number of Argus recommendations that are way off. I'm not sure when this changed but I think it was a year or 2 after the election.The site is fine but more and more individuals are using Smart phones so you need to get with the program or be buried by it If a stock trades on both New York and Toronto Exchanges the target prices are calculated incorrectly and not converted to Canadian dollars. "You have come a long way baby" that bests describes what this website has become... Slow, unstable, unreliable and not worth the time spent trying to use it. Links are unresponsive, scrolling is slow and jerky, and there is no logic in the "improvements".If you read off the TSE the Canadian current price is accurate however in many cases the low, high, and target prices are reflected in U. Articles hi-jack the page after navigating around, and then drop down.With all the ads thrown in (all around the page) it is extremely difficult to remain focused. Lord help you if you use the portfolio page for trading. I think it's been about a year since Yahoo unveiled its new Yahoo finance site. It's bad enough that Yahoo did nothing to stop the trolling and flaming on the old site.

This means that you do not have to spend time filling in the latest asset prices.

As for me I will gladly never have to deal with Yahoo or Verizon again.

Yahoo's portfolio news is now just a bunch of sponsored ads combined with tabloid style articles.

Everyone have their own way of tracking their own wealth portfolio. Some years ago I created this Google Spreadsheet called Stock Portfolio Tracker which allows you to track your own stock portfolio by transactions.

I put my own portfolio out here as a demo of its capabilities.

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This eventually focued me to use the Finance websites lesser overall (which was a good thing in a way) but now as I want to become more active, I have tried using Yahoo Finance again and really truggle to focus on areas I would like to focus or I would think and investor would want to focus on when they fire up the website.