Youth group ideas dating

Posted by / 10-Sep-2020 01:47

pamphlet and test themselves on what they know by heart! It is also available in our August combo package HERE.Included are some really great and effective scripture study activities like this one where they dig into Article of Faith #13 and answer the question, “what are the church’s standards regarding dating?

Now, this game might be tough to enforce for a bunch of teenagers, but I doesn't require a perfect silence to achieve the result.Doesn't have to involve the running part if your group is less actively inclinced.Be sure to prepare some interesting true/false questions and maybe a good prize for the winner.See instructions for this ice breaker game » This is a great quick one to play which gets the group moving, gets their brains into gear and also provides an opportunity for individuals to get to know one another.Can be followed nicely with a talk or theme about how everyone is different but we're all part of the same body.

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